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"How long have you been doing this?" "Since I got here." Typical question, very typical answer. Depending upon the event, "Since I got here." could mean 15 minutes ago, or three hours ago.  But since the question connotates that "Giggles the Clown" is no novice at balloon twisting or stand-up comedy (she's been performing over 35 years), and if you're the lucky recipient of an intricate "inflation creation", STOP at the answer she gives you & don't ask anything else.....

Just enjoy the witty comeback, because she may presume any other question asked is an invitation to share her heritage from her father, Smokey the Fire Eater (former performer for Ringling Bros., Tom Nix Rodeo & Johnny Jones Peerless Exhibition: opening act for Alice Cooper & the Talking Heads. That's not all; there's more); OR, she'll start rattling off names of WHO'S WHO that she's either worked with, been affiliated with or worked for and the names of her favorite mentors (some famous) that have greatly impacted her life: that's definitely cool because she knows that without any of these people, she wouldn't have a pauper's portion of work or even the slightest knowledge of how to build a funny business that continues to remain fruitful year after year. After all, "There's no business like Show Business"........ 

...In the Beginning

"Jude, I'm gonna teach you how to perform. I'm gonna teach you how to be a clown". 


Those were the words my father said to me as he applied greasepaint to my small face. I was dressing as a clown for my 1st Fall Fantasy parade at Kennywood Park in 1968. I was 7 and he was wise. My father inspired me to circus sawdust dreams, and he spoke vision & purpose into my life.  He inspired with such great passion, intense deliberatcy (it's my own word) & a presumed assurance that, eventually, those inspirations would, without a doubt in his mind, produce a talent and confidence in his young performing offspring.

That was my birth into clowning.


I grew up performing. And only one year before that encounter with greasepaint, I had been introduced to the stage by my mother. "Dancing lessons." Said the Doctor. "Get her dancing lessons". Then there I was, a tapper, and ballerina and, well...all that jazz!

Performing in "Show Business" was definitely the road I would travel my entire life, for that was the course my parents set for me. I apprenticed as a clown with my father at Boy Scout & VFW Christmas Parties, more Kennywood Parades & even Hospital Charities. And occasionally my father would take me into a nightclub to perform with him on stage as he ate fire. I remember sitting across the table from him, and I was sipping a Shirley Temple through a straw and asking him, "So, when do I get my $5.00 for being here?"

and   Somewhere  in-between...

This is me with Ringling Bros. clown, RADAR. This was in 1981 at the Ringling Circus auditions at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

 After graduating with a BFA from Point Park College in 1983, I worked at Civic Light Opera as the Assistant Stage Manager for the National Touring Company of Jesus Christ Superstar. Tony Geary from General Hospital played Jesus, Barry Dennen who originated the role of Pilate in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, was Pilate in this stage production, and Carl Anderson (February 27, 1945~February 23, 2004) (I was also his personal assistant), was Judas Iscariot. Carl was also Judas in the movie. I was deeply touched by all of this.

With no real clear vision for my future, I went back to school. After a year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I worked as a freelance commercial artist  & designer for various advertising agencies in Pittsburgh. But just like Spring Perennials, as they effortlessly sprout & bloom (because that's just what they do) in their appointed season, so was clowning & performing for me.

...I didn't know where the constant flow of opportunities came from, but I just followed every lead....During my college era I had miscellaneous jobs like: I was the clown on the Gateway Clipper Fleet, I performed at Carnegie Museum and I landed a few mall grand opening gigs with Kathy Svilar, the Shop-n-Save Lady. And even beyond CLO and the Art Institute, the opportunities just steadily kept coming in. Then in the summer of 1996, after a fruitful year & a half as "Giggles the Clown" for Jympin' Jyms Children's Entertainment Center in Moon Township, PA., I landed a career boosting, part time summer gig at Kennywood Park. There yah great is that!  What a privilege!  And there's even a full page color photo of me in the black MORE KENNYWOOD MEMORIES book.  It's 14 years later and I still can't believe that. (SEE BOOK BELOW)

Front cover of the black, More Kennywood Memories book.  This photo is also full page in the book.......

to my 18th Year Celebration!


During this year, 2014, I 'll be CELEBRATING my 18th consecutive year in  my own "Show Business" biz-ness, "Giggles the Clown". I am truly blessed. I have the greatest job, no, CALLING, in the world. This is my CALLING, my PASSION and my ART. And to anyone who has invited me to share important moments & events in their life,

for letting me serve you!  I invite you to view my website. There is even a page with pictures of my father, SMOKEY the FIRE EATER and a page of my friends services.  I hope 2011 brings you great things & inspires you to...
E.xperience the Fun! 


For over 3  decades "Giggles the Clown" has entertained tens of thousands of people with her CRAZY, ZANY & 

KOOKY antics! Her comedic personality blended with her expertise in BALLOON 

twisting,,,FUN face-painting,  
silly juggling

& choreographed Goofy Magic Shows" charm & fascinate her audiences. Giggles the Clown"

would L♥ve to entertain your audience @ your Special Events...making it

possible for everyone to...

Experience the Fun!







From Pittsburgh, PA. to

Beyond & Wherever!

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"Giggles the Clown" has been "clowning around" since 1976 and her business was established in 1996....

BIRTHDAY PARTIES & balloon deliveries; Graduation Parties & Anniversaries. Nursing Homes &  Hospital Visits, Purim Events &  Bat~Bar mitzvahs Fairs & Festivals & Amusement Parks; Company Picnics & Parties on the block. Church Programs & Community 

EVENTS..........Car cruises & Summer camps.. Baptism Parties & Baby Showers, Charities & Malls & "Whatever" Fund Raisers. After Proms ♥ Dances & SKATING Parties, too. Communions, Reunions &

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Restaurants, Scouting Events & Re or Grand Openings.Day Care Centers, Rehearsal Dinners & Any Holiday Things: JULY 4th Picnics & LABOR DAY affairs; Halloween Festivities & Parties for New Years! VALENTINES ♥♥♥ DAY & Easter Egg Hunts Christmas Office Parties & Hanukah! & any other Special Event you can think of!

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